• People with 74% and over of disability may request to access the event Gran Premio di San Marino e Riviera di Rimini 2022 on 2.3.4 settembre 2022 for free.

    ATTENTION: please read very carefully the following options 1) and 2) in order to follow the right path for you.

    1) People with disability having mobility issues and need the wheelchair, must fill the form below.

    2) People with disability having NO mobility issues must download the proper free ticket on THIS WEBSITE. No need to fill the form for this option.

    In any case the disability certificate must will be requested at the entrance gate.
    The 'companion need' must be specified on the certificate itself.

    Due the high demand, we kindly ask you to evaluate your attendance to the event, and in case you are not sure to partecipate, please leave free space for other visitors. Thank you very much.

    Any change request will not be accepted.

  • Write your personal information (for people related to option 1)
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Home address
  • ID Card number
  • Email Address
  • Email Check
  • Mobile
  • Choose the area you want to stay (for people related to option 1)
  • Viewing area with proper structure for people on wheelchair.

    Area Kart

    Area Carro

    Area Vecchio Ingresso
  • Choose the day you prefere (for people related to option 1)
  • I'll attend on days Fri      Sat      Sun 
  • Companion (for people related to option 1)
  • My companion will help me
    (only if reported on the disability document)
    Yes      No 
  • About the management of the sensitive personal details (for people related to option 1)

    Article 23 and 26 of Privacy Rule
  • I've read Privacy rule [consulta il formato esteso informativa Privacy] Yes 
  • Hereby to confirm I received the information about art.13 of D.Lgs. 196/2003 and I give the permission to manage my personal information, included the sensitive ones, to 'Santa Monica Spa' relating the current rule.

    I give my permission